Our Enterprise

Lone Worker Site is dedicated to help organizations provide security and protection to their lone workers. That’s why we created this new platform that offers a practical, safe and wireless web-based software that makes possible the use of

Why you should work with Lone Worker Site

Their business was created to protect employees, managers and shareholders from the risks associated with individuals who work alone, using the Lone Worker Site platform. Our system also provides tailor solutions to each client’s operational and cultural requirements.

For Employees

Lone Worker Site platform is connected to the Headquarter’s monitor dashboard Centre, where an alarm is automatically activated once there is an accident or assault.

For Managers

Lone Worker Site’s web service software allows an alarm response facility, so That’s why we provide highly competitive, flexible pricing, seamless implementation and maximum compliance to agreed policies.

The Application

How does Lone Worker Site works?

We work with different technologies to reach the highest level of safety standards.

First, we use Beacon™ technology so we can get the accurate location of your lone worker. Also with the Beacon™ you can have the site's temperature which is very important for your Field personnel on his Well-being.

Second, we use Cosinuss™ earpiece to monitor:

  1. Heart beat condition.
  2. Body temperature to prevent heat stroke.
  3. Our main feature is to know the position of your lone worker…… You will know if your lone worker is down, face up or down and also how much time has he been in that position so you may be able to send help.

Everything is connected through our state-of-the-art app that works on IOS and Android.

For remote control, you can log into our web service and monitor your lone workers in real time.


You can complete your Lone Worker Site applications with add-ons customized just for your needs.

Risk Assessment

Create your own risk assessment report and fill it on the field of work.


Get a database with all the equipment manuals that your lone worker may need.

Customer Satisfaction

Make Customer Satisfactions Surveys, so you may evaluate the service provided by your lone worker, and take actions to correct any discomfort from your client.

Beacon™ and Cosinuss™ Technology

What is a Beacon™?

The Beacon™ is the new Lone Worker’s site technology device that connects to smartphones or tablets through Bluetooth while it sends information automatically to the users’ screen.

How does it works?

The user must have the Lone Worker Site app downloaded in his device, the Beacon™ will send the Bluetooth signal and the smartphone will resend this signal to the database located in the cloud. Finally, the cloud will send back the specific information that we want to show.

When an engineer is near to a Beacon™, he or she will automatically have the following information:

  1. Type of equipment.
  2. Customer’s information
  3. Services received by the equipment and manuals
  4. Environment’s temperature
  5. Engineer’s distance to the equipment
  6. Engineer’s arrival and leaving time from the equipment.

With this technology, the engineer has complete and automatic access to information. Besides, Lone Worker Site is able to make a micro GPS inside of the customer’s establishment, so that you can be able to know where the employee is and how long he or she has been working there

The Cosinuss™

A Cosinuss™ is a device that connects to the smartphone and sends to it the body temperature and heart beats of the user. It can also monitor the position of the engineer, if he is standing up or laying down on the floor. Also this gadget can be used as a hands free device for phone calls.

How does it work?

When the engineer starts the job at the customer site, he will connect the device in his ear and then sends his vital signs to the cloud. The safety team can monitor the health of the engineer remotely.

Using Cosinuss™ at:

Cosinuss™ with the lone worker: You will be able to monitor:

Body temperature
Heartbeat rate
Worker’s position