Lone Worker Site proposes a service of protection, security and safety for employees who work under lonely conditions, through a platform that provides security and support to employees, managers or shareholders from the unpredictable dangers of working without any company.

The App: Lone Worker Site

Three simple things….. one great solution.
One great tool, one simple solution.

The ultimate tool on remote monitoring safety app.

When a lone worker is at the field, knowing his/her wellbeing is an important matter. Lone Worker Site is a unique tool in the market that offers a solution to this problem.

This tool works with a software and two hardware pieces that will keep you up to date with the wellbeing and working conditions of your lone worker. The Beacon™ technology provides an accurate location inside your client’s facilities. The Cosinuss™ earpiece will not just provide his/her heart rate and body temperature, but it will also show body position, letting you know if your lone worker is standing up, lying face down or face up.

The app will help you to track your lone workers remotely from your office in case of an emergency at any time. The emergency phones will be at your reach to send immediate help.

Stop worrying about your lone workers when they are at the field far from your reach, Lone Worker Site is the simple solution to be close to them at any time.

Adaptable to the country

We can create different versions for different needs and languages, so we can cover all your local regulations.

Comprehensible system for the users

Our web service and our app are very easy to use and to learn, don´t waste time in trainings or lessons, just get there and start monitoring your field people.

Lone Workers Site

State-of-the-art Dashboard Monitor

From your headquarters you may be able to monitor where and how is your lone worker. If something goes wrong, be the first to know it and send help quick.

Easy to Customize and Manage

  1. Lone Worker Site uses a cutting-edge voice and data communications that enables the system to be easy to use, simple to implement and convenient to manage, all these provides and important level of flexibility around the users of the platform.
  2. Allocate protection and monitoring solutions tailored to each lone worker’s risk assessment.
  3. Define escalation and response procedures bespoke to each lone worker.
  4. Activate and deactive protection and monitoring as required.
  5. Communicate with, identify, locate, report and respond to individual lone workers.